For Those Of You Who Care About Such Frivolous Things: Barack Edition.

WWD collected Inauguration designs from top labels for Meesh first, and now they’ve got some rather… yummy… looks for Barack.

My favorites are the really classic tuxedo looks*, including this one from Brooks Brothers.


I also dug the Nautica offering. It’s rather fitted for an American suit.

nautica-nightAnd this sketch from Rag and Bone is oddly compelling:


But what’s up with this travesty of a tie from Vineyard Vines?!



More at WWD.

*Though, I really think he should just show up to the ball draped in Kente cloth.

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  • erika

    oh my god, that last one looks like it has little divacups printed all over the tie.

  • scott

    I think the “divacups” are supposed to be small images of the US Capital Dome.

  • Erika: Jesus. (Also, it soooooooo does.)

  • he should go with the cosby inspired tuxedo tie from the cosby show. and i’m not sure the tails work.

  • quadmoniker

    Scott, I think you’re right. Not sure it works as a fashion statement :/

  • I say he wears all Black, grow an Afro, put a pick in it, and draw his fist every chance he gets but that’s just me.

  • ladyfresshh

    a much as i love a dapper man, classic statements and or just fashion statements

    i think barrack should steer very clear of anything that has become related to ‘the help’
    so no tails (may i take your car keys, hat or order sir?) or white coats

    and/or anything steve harvey/rev sharpton inspired
    so more than two bright (primary or secondary)color combos and glittery stuff(though i don’t think harvey has worn anything glittery to his credit)

    and/or thematic patterns so i’ll include John Witherspoon ala boomerang, which unfortunately is what that tie reminds me of…and i just know someone(designer, family, friend…someone) would not be able to resist the matching it with a sock, jacket lining or napkin to go with it =\

    the center suit is also dangerously close fitting 60’s era tight slacks(ie nut huggers) also a nono for the presidency