Really, What Could a Kid Ask That Would Be So Scary?

There’s apparently one person on this Earth who can actually say no to an interview with our favorite reporter. That person, I’m chagrined to have to tell you, is President-elect Barack Obama.

Damon Weaver, 10, said on NPR’s “All Things Considered” he has been trying to get an interview with Obama for his school’s television station since Sept. 2, when Joe Biden became his homeboy. He’s been making YouTube videos with the request, and held up a sign that said “Can I interview you?” at an Obama event.  Damon said he also tried to enlist the help of Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade, believing a one-on-one basketball game would sweeten the deal for Obama, especially if Wade promised to let Obama win. Wade to Damon: “No can do, kid.”

On a serious note, Damon said the first question he would ask is what Obama would do to keep him safe from gun violence. That may actually be a question Obama’s not ready to tackle.