Who's Sweeping Up All Of This Broken Glass?

Like Ta-Nehisi, I’m one of those people who doesn’t really think it matters how many homes John McCain may or may not own, but in case you were wondering, it’s seven.

The Obama campaign is doing a decent job of hitting hard on a touchy issue quickly (unlike their lame and belated response to McCain’s “Celebrity” ad). But I still don’t know how effective this is.

Also, in the video below, Obama’s striving just a little too hard for this common touch thing. Common sense says that if one can afford to run for president, one probably also lives in a bright and shiny glass house.

Granted, wearing $520 Ferragamo loafers just as elitist as drinking Honest Tea, so I suppose this is all just par for the course.

[H/T Ta-Nehisi Coates]

Fun With Numbers Update: TPM calculates McCain has between 8 and 11 homes. USA Today says it’s 12. No wonder he had so much trouble figuring that out.

Where’s Count von Count when you need him?

McCain Strikes Back Update:

Hmm. As Ben Smith at Politico notes:

The ad, said to be airing in key states, makes no reference to McCain’s gaffe, but seems in its punch line to assume the viewer’s aware of it.

This just seems like another example of the McCain camp’s weird, unfocused, and reactionary messaging.

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  • aisha

    Honest Tea is elitist? I really hope that was tongue in cheek. Would drinking Arizona Ice Tea make me more grounded.? But I agree that it doesn’t matter how many houses John McCain owns. However, in the Bush races the GOP did an excellent job of getting people to believe Bush was just a cowboy at heart. Total crock of shit. So I think the DNC can’t let GOP candidates just craft an untrue image of their. That’s a large reason Bush got in, especially the first time.

  • aisha: it’s elitist according to John McCain’s campaign. they tried to hammer Obama on it a few weeks ago after the ‘Celebrity’ ad ran.

    In a memo after the commercial, Rick Davis, Mr McCain’s campaign manager, went after Mr Obama’s dietary fastidiousness, writing: “Only celebrities like Barack Obama . . . demand bottles of an organic brew — Black Forest Berry Honest Tea”.

  • quadmoniker

    I think it matters a little bit that John McCain can’t even remember how many houses he owns while many Americans are losing their only one. That’s especially true when McCain’s trying to paint Obama, who only recently finished paying off his student loans, as the one who doesn’t understand your average American. I think Obama should milk this for all it’s worth, but I don’t know if it’ll stick with most Americans. Concentrating on McCain as a rich guy is a little hard when that POW thing keeps coming up.