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So let’s say your married to your spouse for years, you’ve raised kids together, he or she decides to have gender re-assignment surgery and you choose to stay together. If your state does not recognize same-sex marriages — and 49 states don’t — are you still married? The Brunners, a New Jersey couple, is trying Read More

Okay, so the AIDS thing is a little off the deep end (though I understand where the fear comes from), but I will say this: Rev. Jeremiah Wright is right about a lot of things. Among them is that recent attacks on him are really attacks on the black church as an institution. That’s no Read More

‘Daisy’ wrote a very thoughtful blog entry about how just having a name that sounds ‘ethnic’ has consequences, even if you’re white. My blog name is my grandmother’s name, Daisy. My real name is one that would identify me very easily, so I don’t use it. But I recently realized that something is missing in Read More

Barack Obama’s angry denunciation of Rev. Jeremiah Wright yesterday caught a lot of people by surprise. But it hasn’t been as surprising as Wright’s Magical Media Tour (as Shani called it), which seemed to defy any sort of logic. I asked someone who works for the Obama campaign what they thought Wright was trying to Read More

We knew we should’ve been more worried for Angela Bassett when we first saw that trailer for Meet the Browns. Now, it appears she’s joined the cast of ER for its “15th and final” season. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “She will play a tough attending with a troubled past who returns to Chicago after Read More

My boy Dan’s piece for the New York Times about old racist Warner Bros. cartoons. Cartoons of a Racist Past Lurk on YouTube By DANIEL E. SLOTNIK Among the millions of clips on the video-sharing Web site YouTube are 11 racially offensive Warner Brothers cartoons that have not been shown in an authorized release since Read More

The video to which the Fox guy is referring to is here. (The video for the Soulja Boy jawn, which I think we can all agree is the absolute nadir of hip-hop music and possibly the human condition itself, is here.)