"That's Something a Second-Grader Would Have Done."


Keirra Bell went all the way in. (For the whole “Shrek” exchange, peep the video here.)



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  • aisha

    Keirra Bell is going to be somebody.

  • quadmoniker

    Ok, first of all, wow, that’s really Charlie LeDuff. I was wondering what he’d been up to.

    Secondly, I love how Conyers said she’s not going to get combative with Keirra Bell, after getting combative with her. After arguing with a child, who made infinitely more sense. A child who I would say has a definite future in journalism, except journalism probably won’t exist by the time she grows up.

  • universeexpanding

    “and a little child shall lead them…”

    I don’t know what amused me more – Conyers’ using children’s playground antics to justify her behavior or her being put firmly in her place by a 13 year old.

  • L-Boogs

    After 4 or 5 slaps from palm to forehead, I am thoroughly amused! “I prolly could’ve used some different words…prolly.” Keirra, I am SO writing your recommendation letters for Harvard, Yale, Princeton…

  • kaya

    love this

  • YES!

  • This was quite interesting!

    I believe that this child was TOTALLY disrespectful because children do not speak to adults in any tone of voice. I understand that they are not always taught this but in spite of the fact that this was an embarrassment for the City Council, children ARE NOT our peers and they SHOULD NOT be applauded or rewarded for not recognizing that.

    Aside from that, I think Detroit is the laughingstock of the entire nation.

    Thanks for letting me blow my trumpet!


  • universeexpanding

    Lisa: so um, she was disrespectful because she was right?
    Otherwise I don’t see where the problem is.

  • genuineflyby

    Seriously. That girl’s my hero for the day.