Some people want to extend the benefit of the doubt to James Bevel, who died last week of pancreatic cancer. Is that wise, though? None of his accomplishments in the Civil Rights Movement offset the physical and psychic trauma he visited upon his daughters for decades. Indeed, he mocked the idea that he would apologize Read More

A commenter said that James Bevel,  a major figure in the Civil Rights Movement who was convicted in April of molesting his daughters, has died of pancreatic cancer, but I can’t find any confirmation. It appears, though, that he was released last month on appeal. UPDATE: The Post confirms.

At the height of the Civil Rights Movement, James Bevel organized Freedom Rides. He was with MLK during the “I Have a Dream Speech,” and also with him the night he was killed. At a family reunion in 2004, his daughters began recounting childhood memories of their father, which included memories of molestation. Last week, Read More