Was the amendment restricting insurers that get federal dollars from paying for abortions a necessary evil to get health reform passed? Probably. It’s a heartbreaking setback, and, as Emily Bazelon points out in Double X, this only hurts poor women. Just to keep things in perspective, though, women without health insurance don’t have abortions paid Read More

I’m going to hope that, unless you grew up in my hometown,* you never had to deal with the frustrating experience of having scripture quoted back at you in response to everything you said. I know I have probably seemed in previous posts as though I hate religion, but I think The Bible has its Read More

William Saletan — yes, that William Saletan — has penned another article for Slate in which he delves into a topical issue in an attempt to be profound but bases his ideas on an argument that’s fundamentally flawed. In an attempt to turn the horrible death of George Tiller in Kansas into a call-to-come-together abortion Read More

Salon has a response from Hillary Clinton and Patty Murray to the new Bush rule that states doctors have a right to opt out of procedures (from abortions to prescribing birth control) they object to on religious or moral grounds. Note: They can anyway. In the final days of his administration, the President is again Read More

Despite the fact that most Americans might hope that Bush lays low in the final days of his historically unpopular presidency, he’s decided to try to push through at least one last-minute agenda: a plan that would allow health care providers to refuse to perform abortions and other procedures they object to on moral or Read More

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and its lesser-known cousin, Doe v. Bolton (both were pseudonyms, lest you think it’s crazy that two women named Doe and Roe were at the Supreme Court at the same time.) The arguments on whether or not abortion should be legal have taken a backseat Read More