This week, G.D. and Joel are joined by the always-insightful Jay Smooth of IllDoctrine, Donwill of the critically acclaimed hip-hop group Tanya Morgan, and Wyatt Cenac of “The Daily Show,” to talk about Michael Rapaport’s documentary on A Tribe Called Quest, “Beats Rhymes and Life.” You’ll also learn about Wyatt’s secret crooner past and Bushwick Read More

I’m wild amped to see this: A Tribe Called Quest was (is?) one of hip-hop’s seminal acts. Midnight Marauders was the first hip-hop album I ever loved, and until they broke up, they were something of a personal musical North Star. I didn’t realize, though, that things had gotten this acrimonious between them.

cross-posted at my place Judging from the past month of political controversy, you could be forgiven for thinking that the United States had mysteriously warped back to the early 1990s.  After all, the similarities are striking: not only are Republicans again trying to sink a young Democratic president’s ambitious attempt at health care reform, but Read More