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Between Anderson Cooper, Bono, and the New York Times deigning to (at least briefly) put a story about famine on the front page, it seems the world has finally taken notice of the unfolding disaster in the Horn of Africa. It is about DAMN time.  The US Agency for International Development (USAID) created the Famine Early Read More

Without further ado, “Otis”: Oh look, another article about who black women should be dating.  Great. Our own jbouie on last night’s debate. A new poll finds that only 34 percent of Americans would be able to find $1,000 in their savings account if they needed to. And lastly, your Friday cute. Have a good Read More

see 10 min doc here. From HuffPo: This addiction to challenges carries over into the album’s production, with the rappers flipping through genres and tempos and verse structures like a veritable Wikipedia of pop music. They each rap entire verses, they battle line-to-line, Jay dips back into double-time, Kanye drawls out words that should never Read More

As you all might have noticed, we’ve had nothing to say – thus far, at least – about the 25-year-old Orlando woman who was acquitted on murder charges Tuesday in the death of her 2-year-old daughter in 2008. But if I had something interesting and edifying to say about that circus, it probably would sound Read More

A London school’s ban on cornrows was ruled “unlawful, indirect racial discrimination which is not justified.” School cited hairstyle promoted “gang” culture…if by “gang” they meant the members of the African Diaspora, I guess they’d be right. Represent your set.

Of all the X-men installments from the movie franchise, hands down “X-Men First Class” is its star pupil. It has all the components: vengeance, thrilling action scenes that don’t try to bombard you with all the latest special effects, and quality actors that transform these original 2-D comic book characters into fleshy, multi-faceted beings (well, Read More

Today marks the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Conservative estimates put the number of dead around 92,000 — more than three percent of Haiti’s entire population. Though luminaries like Bill Clinton have hoped that Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, could “build back better,” poor coordination and the still-unresolved Read More

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