When Afrocentric Art Goes Wrong: Merchandising the March on Washington.

Last Saturday I left my home in bumblef*ck Virginia to participate in the March on Washington Anniversary festivities in DC. I didn’t really know what to expect, outside of there being lots and lots of my people out in the streets, marching for justice and jobs and other important social issues. And while I knew [...]

Your Random-Ass Roundup: Praise Yeezus?

It’s been a fairly epic week for Kanye, even by his lofty standards. He may have never beaten a white artist head-to-head for a Grammy, but he just became a father and lots of people seem to like his new album.

If you’re looking for opinions on his latest release, try this one and this [...]

A Quvenzhané by Any Other Name…


In the wake of the hullaballoo over folks refusing to say Quvenzhané Wallis’ name got me to thinking: what’s the most hilarious/horrifying experience people have had regarding their “unconventional” or “ethnic” names?

Here’s how Twitter responded.

[View the story "A Quvenzhané by Any Other Name..." on Storify]

Got any stories/gripes of your own? [...]

Are We About to Get Another Black Senator?

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melle thinks so:

If I had to hazard a guess for the most likely replacement, it is Congressman Tim Scott, who has achieved a fair amount of prominence given his short time in the House. Part of this has to do with novelty; Scott is an African American Republican [...]

Blogging Scandal: ‘The Other Woman’ (Season 2, Ep. 2)

Nancy Drake calls Olivia. She’s hysterical because she can’t find her husband, the Reverend Marvin Drake. Rev. Drake is The Nation’s Pastor, a black church leader who’s also a supporter of same sex marriage. Rev. Drake is found in a hotel room, dead, on top of a woman, originally thought to be [...]

Famine in the Horn of Africa.

entrance to Dadaab refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya

Between Anderson Cooper, Bono, and the New York Times deigning to (at least briefly) put a story about famine on the front page, it seems the world has finally taken notice of the unfolding disaster in the Horn of Africa.

It is about DAMN time. The [...]


Without further ado, “Otis”:

Oh look, another article about who black women should be dating. Great.

Our own jbouie on last night’s debate.

A new poll finds that only 34 percent of Americans would be able to find $1,000 in their savings account if they needed to.

And lastly, your Friday cute.

Have [...]

Pop Throwup

see 10 min doc here.

From HuffPo:

This addiction to challenges carries over into the album’s production, with the rappers flipping through genres and tempos and verse structures like a veritable Wikipedia of pop music. They each rap entire verses, they battle line-to-line, Jay dips back into double-time, Kanye drawls out words that should [...]