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Cord Jefferson wrote a widely criticized piece for Gawker calling for a reconsideration of how we deal with pedophiles — criticized in large part because it seemed to pussyfoot around actually referring to the rape of children as “rape”. Jennifer Bleyer has a less ham-handed take on that idea over at Slate. “Fred Berlin, the Read More

Shake that body, party that baaaawwwwwwdy: Does NPR have a liberal bias? Ira Glass importunes On The Media to find out. It’s very hard to get a voter ID back in my home state. A list of celebrity types who used to be part of the 47 percent. “The following podcast contains profanity, obscenity, vulgarity Read More

I know this song has been everywhere, but damn if I don’t love Adele: The foreclosure crisis in Prince George’s County, a wealthy suburb of DC. Welfare reform turns 15. The gospel of healthy eating in the Mississippi delta.

I’m not going to venture an opinion on The Help other than to say Mary J. is at it again: I’m also not going to mention that this is (at least) the second time she’s been on a soundtrack with a song that is possibly better than the movie.  On to the leftovers: Black women bike Read More

Motownphilly’s back again, courtesy of NKTOBSB: Documenting the fashion histories of women of color. Thanks to the lockout, NFL free agency is completely bonkers this year. Yale can’t locate a single person of color to talk about the environment. The full backstory on Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness.”

Lil B called his forthcoming album  “I’m Gay” to stir up controversy, or something. Now he’s hedging. Jon Huntsman releases a weird teaser-trailer ahead of his announcement that he’s running for president. Tim Pawlenty‘s tax cut proposal goes farther than Bush’s. You don’t need charisma to win a campaign; winning the campaign gives you charisma. Drug runners are using Read More

Sorry things have been so slow around here. We’re gonna rectify this in the next few days. In the meantime, here are some links for you perusal: Justin Elliot picks the brain Faiza Patel, a national security expert, about  the myth of Islamic radicalization. There are these very oversimplified theories of radicalization. One is from a Read More

The countries neighboring the Ivory Coast are worried that violence there may spread. After being told their baby had no chance of survival, an Iowa couple was forced to see the pregnancy to term and watch the child die because state law prohibits abortion after 20 weeks. Latoya on being the token Negro on feminist Read More