A History Lesson for Chris Brown.

Jay Smooth Remembers Nate Dogg.

(Spotted via Colorlines)

In the vid above, Ill Doctrine’s JaySmooth pays tribute to the fallen Nathaniel Hale AKA Nate Dogg– crediting the legendary hip-hop hook-man who succeeded in creating a space for soul to take root between rap verses paving the way for R&B thugs everywhere. However, Smooth’s reverence for the hip-hop’s soulman and [...]

Atlas Ducked.

T-Pain and the Know Nothing Know-It-Alls.

How TV Tricked Me Into Watching Sarah Palin.

Jay‘s face @ 1:13 is priceless.

Also, Jay probably doesn’t know it’s Jamelle‘s birthday, but I’d like to think that the beat at the end was a gift to Jam-Rock.

UPDATE: Over at NilDoctrine, Jay apologizes for the seizure joke.


Let Sarah Hate and Be Great.

Lyricism and Capitalism.

We’re Saving Our Own Lives.

We are the World Haiti 25 — whose presence at the top of the singles chart is as damning a refutation of democracy’s plausibility as you’ll ever see — is so awful that it nearly prompted Jay Smooth to shutter his website.

Jon Pareles reviews the song, and notes the chasm in vocal ability [...]