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shani-o: Sometime early in the year (or was it last year?), I heard a radio interview on Philly’s public radio station with a man named Joel Berg. Berg was discussing  ‘low food insecurity’ (also known as ‘hunger’) in the U.S. His energy and candor made me take note of his book, which came out just Read More

belleisa: Reading, reading and more reading. I’ll be finishing Sag Harbor this weekend, and looking for a June book…any suggestions? Also, I meet with former professors of mine about once a month for a post-colonial reading group. We’ve gotten through some Frantz Fanon and moved on to Angela Davis. Last week we read a speech Read More

shani-o: I was intrigued by Up when I heard about it on Fresh Air.  It was the first animated film to open Cannes, and having seen it last night, I can totally understand why.  It was beautiful and moving, goofy and ridiculous, and I totally cried. Twice. (G.D. almost did, too, but don’t tell him Read More

GD: A few years ago, Slate‘s David Plotz undertook a fun project called Blogging the Bible, in which he reads Old Testament again with fresh eyes as an adult. He finds the holy books full of stuff that got left out of his religious education growing up: adultery, incest and lots and lots of land Read More

via. blackink: As something of a recovering carbs junkie, I’ve tried hard to avoid binging on cheesecake, burritos and sweet, sweet red Kool-Aid over the past few months. But I’m making an exception for this soul-food staple this weekend. My first brush with chicken and waffles came during a college trip to California. I had Read More