Blogging Scandal: “The Other Woman,” (Season 2, Ep. 2)” alt=”” width=”475″ height=”313″ />

Nancy Drake calls Olivia. She’s hysterical because she can’t find her husband, the Reverend Marvin Drake. Rev. Drake is The Nation’s Pastor, a black church leader who’s also a supporter of same sex marriage. Rev. Drake is found in a hotel room, dead, on top of a woman, originally thought to be a hooker, who is in fact his longtime mistress, Anna. Anna requests $6 million from the widow, which is eventually paid due to the existence of her son, the spitting image of Rev. Drake.

First Lady Melli Grant pays her respects to Nancy Drake and they have a nice heart to heart talk about being the wife in a relationship where the husband has a mistress. Olivia and Anna have their own heart to heart about being a mistress to a powerful man with an image to uphold.

President Fitz gives the eulogy at Rev. Drake’s funeral. He and Melli reconcile momentarily on the way back to the White House but there’s still distance between them, and President Fitz is still making late night phone calls to Olivia from the Oval Office.

Olivia initially asks David for a favor, which didn’t go over well, given that he lost the biggest case of his career last week. Once Rev. Drake is in the morgue, David requests an autopsy. Olivia goes to ask him to remove the autopsy request. He doesn’t, but it’s eventually superseded by a presidential request. Olivia tells President Fitz that’s what she needs, and that’s what she gets. David is put on a forced vacation and is last seen at home, in a room, with papers and photos on the wall and floor, trying to get to the bottom of Olivia’s influence.

Anna shows up to the funeral and requests to attend, which Nancy eventually agrees to. As the family exits the church behind the casket, Nancy pulls Anna and her son into the aisle to walk with the family.

Back to the ongoing Quinn Perkins/Lindsay Dwyer storyline: Quinn-say is sleeping on Olivia’s couch, pissed that she can’t go out in public without receiving hard stares from everyone, and demanding more info from Olivia on why she helped her, the details surrounding her case, etc. Quinn-say decides to go home to Oakland, CA, to see her dad, who has moved on and believes that she did mail the bomb. Huck flies out to California and lets Quinn knows he understands her, explaining that she also lost part of herself in the bombing.

The episode ends with US Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton tells Olivia that “the innocent little girl could bring down the whole government.” Quinn-say is a pawn in a much bigger plot.

Other tidbit

  • President Fitz decides against going to war in East Sudan, after the faked intel was detected by Cyrus.
  • Ivy League shade between Cyrus and his husband, James, who went to Middlebury. Cyrus doesn’t want to adopt because he’s already taking care of a baby – President Fitz.
  • President Fitz is still making late night phone calls to Olivia. By the end of the episode, Olivia wisely decides to let the phone ring and not to answer it.
  • Texas Senator Hollis Drake has popped up in the first two episodes, he’s a bigger piece to a story but I don’t know what his role is yet.
  • Huck is on the verge of snapping/breaking down/something. He goes to AA meetings to talk about his problem with “whisky.”
  • Progressive politics: a same sex marriage supporter in Rev. Drake and a belief in climate change, which explained with the photo of dead East Sudanese children was faked.
  • In Olivia Pope & Associates – Harrison still needs more to do. The absence of Steven is still palpable in the office.