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Undecideds have come in for a lot of guff in recent weeks, and perhaps understandably: this year’s presidential election might ultimately come down to the mercurial whims of a few thousand people who don’t really pay attention to or care all that much about this stuff. Both campaigns will carpet-bomb key states with lots of Read More

They ridin’ round/they gettin’ it… American schools are still very segregated. Obama’s pulling ahead in Wisconsin, and Nate Silver thinks it may be worry time for Team Romney. “But if Mr. Obama is having days like this in the polls a week from now, then Mr. Romney is either going to be banking on an Read More

(x-posted from stacialbrown.com) I don’t know why other women do it. I can’t say what keeps them out of the pharmacy within 120 hours of conception. I don’t know why they don’t choose the clinic? It’s unclear what makes them believe: in the strength of their relationships, in their capacity for quick maturation or increased Read More

We probably need a late pass on this, but still…this is really addictive. You really should only holler at this if you don’t have anything important to do for the next hour.

PB’s own Jamelle Bouie was named one of the 100 top black influencers you should know by The Root: As a writing fellow for the American Prospect and the Nation, Bouie analyzes all things politics — from Romney’s foreign policy stance to mass unemployment to whatPresident Barack Obama’s “bounce” in the polls really means. And with his highly active Twitter feed,Bouie Read More

Shake that body, party that baaaawwwwwwdy: Does NPR have a liberal bias? Ira Glass importunes On The Media to find out. It’s very hard to get a voter ID back in my home state. A list of celebrity types who used to be part of the 47 percent. “The following podcast contains profanity, obscenity, vulgarity Read More

A Kickstarter-funded media project called Blank on Blank recovered an old lost radio interview in which the champ sat down in 1966 to talk about his fantasies of interplanetary travel with a Chicago teenager. Ali joked that it would take him about ten years to get to Mars in order whoop some Red Planet ass. Read More

I mentioned in the previous post that Team Romney had been making a big mess of things over  the last few weeks, to the chagrin of Republicans who feel like he’s losing what was once a very winnable race. It’s still winnable for him; a four-point national lead ain’t insurmountable, but it becomes a tougher Read More

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or furiously catching up on “Boardwalk Empire,” you’ve probably heard about the bombshell video that MoJo released from a Mitt Romney fundraiser earlier in the campaign. In it, the Republican presidential hopeful tells a crowd that nearly half the nation is not pulling its fiscal weight and is Read More