I Don’t Want My Tax Dollars to Pay Joe Lieberman’s Salary.

Not only is this a fantastic video, it wins points for highlighting the single most frustrating thing about the abortion debate, namely, the fact that anti-abortion folks are the only people in the United States that can pick and choose what they want their tax dollars to support. If I, for example, tried to withhold my tax dollars in an effort to avoid paying for drone strikes in Pakistan, I’d be promptly carted off to federal prison. I like the video so much because it takes exactly the right attitude with regards to anti-abortion/pro-Hyde Amendment folks, “you can stop paying for abortion coverage with your tax dollars when I can stop paying to subsidize Alabama.”


Jamelle Bouie is a writer for Slate. He has also written for The Daily Beast, The American Prospect and The Nation. His work centers on politics, race, and the intersection of the two.

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  • Write Girl

    I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for viagra and penis pumps that are available to medicare eligible recipients.

    If you can medically induce an erection past your body’s biological wherewithall, that’s great. Just don’t ask me to pay for it when some insurance company’s don’t even cover birth control. Don’t even get me started on abortion.

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