How Disturbing is The Roots' New Video?

Two weeks ago, on my way back to NYC after a brief visit home in Philly, I found myself sitting across the aisle from ?uestlove on the Amtrak train. I’m a huge Roots fan, so the fact that I didn’t get all Stan-ish is on the order of the miraculous. We spoke briefly, and he said he was tired from putting the finishing touches on Rising Down the night before, but was headed to NYC to let Rolling Stone take a listen.

The first single from the album is ’75 Bars’. It’s Thought at his best, spitting over a spare beat. Dope song. Even with the 40+ “niggas.”

But the video? Um, WTF?



Gene "G.D." Demby is the founder and editor of PostBourgie. In his day job, he blogs and reports on race and ethnicity for NPR's Code Switch team.
  • Tasha

    i liked the song…not sure i get the video

  • GVG

    “But the video? Um, WTF?” I need more.

    The funny thing was that they kept promoting the fact that you could DL “the whole” video on the okayplayer site. Which had me believe that this was a small part of a larger mini movie like Common’s “Testify” DLd that video about three different times, believing I kept getting the wrong thing when that same short clip above would come up. Cannot say I love or hate it, leaning like an extra in Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” Video to loving it, but haven’t totally gone over. I love the roots and I think it pushes the envelope as every other video they have produced has. Just want to see the rest.

    P.S. The song is AMAZING! His rapid-fire raspy delivery over that gutter scratchy beat is INSANE. People really need to realize that Black Thought is one of the greatest we have. Past/present/ and foreseeable future.

  • LH

    Maybe it’s because of the video but I’m not quite diggin’ the song. It’s somewhat comforting to think that this could be a part of a larger body of work, because on its own it’s extremely disturning.

  • kaya


  • Big Word

    I could’ve used another What They Do vid and song. That said, I like stuff that pushes the edge. This just went oover my head. I have to give it a few more viewings.

  • R.

    the video leaves you with very much the same aftertaste as any given ?uestlove post. and I’d say the track is more like BT at his usual rather than his best tho. (i.e. solid.)