It’s no secret that Don Cheadle’s talent level and stardom level are unbalanced. The 43-year-old’s performances are consistently nuanced and, frankly, he’s something of a workhorse. He’s equally content doing yeoman’s work in a franchise like Ocean’s Whatever (where he has no hope of breaking out as the unlikely headliner while sharing screen time with Read More

Hmm. So those rumors you may have heard over the past decade or more about a Bob Marley biopic are starting to prove themselves true. There’s never been a biopic on the singer and, before now, no proposed project has made it past the conception stage. But when the reggae icon’s widow, Rita Marley, published Read More

I remember it well, the year the Academy Awards got too Black for comfort. Some might say it was 2002, the landmark year that Whoopi Goldberg hosted, Denzel finally won his long-deserved Best Actor statuette (for Training Day), Halle Berry became the first black Best Actress for Monster’s Ball, Will Smith was nominated for Ali, Read More