Your Random-Ass Roundup: And You Say Chi City.

The Windy City tries to resuscitate the poor, black neighborhoods left vacant by the housing crisis — but at what cost? Before they rose to prominence in Canada’s largest city, the Ford family — which includes embattled Mayor Rob Ford — was deeply immersed in the illegal drug scene, according to an investigation by [...]

Block the Vote.


A tea party-affiliated group in Florida is challenging the voting rights of dozens of people there who won’t know their eligibility is in question until it’s too late. [...]

Your Random-Ass Roundup: The Wait on Their Shoulders.

For lots of poor and working-class people, voting is a choice between casting a ballot or getting a day’s pay for work. [...]

Protecting the franchise

The Next Right’s Soren Dayton doesn’t think that liberals are terribly interested in preventing voter/registration fraud:

Now I am sure that Josh Marshall or other people at TPM would be happy to say that they want the typical list of lefty election law goals including same day registration, either a curtailing or abandoning of [...]