The Only Thing Missing From ‘The Best Man Holiday’ Was Madea.


You’d be excused for mistaking this film for ‘Tyler Perry’s The Best Man Holiday.’ [...]

More on Tyler Perry's Morality.

Two comments on Nichole’s post on the moral themes in Tyler Perry’s movies, which was crossposted over on Racialicious, are worth repeating here.


One of my biggest problems with Perry’s films is the reliance on faith as the great problem-solver and the salve for all that ails you, from drug abuse to [...]

What Does Tyler Perry Really Want From His Audience?

Tyler Perry is set release a film version of his play, Madea Goes to Jail, which I happened to watch with my family back home in Nashville over the Christmas holiday. TP flicks are best enjoyed as a community, because as you’re responding to your mother’s giggles about Madea’s swinging bosom, you can forget [...]

Can Perry Parry Harsher Criticism?

Tyler Perry’s fifth big screen effort and fourth adaptation from one of his stage plays, Meet the Browns, opened Friday. We didn’t comment on it when the trailer debuted—and that was intentional. I’ll explain why in a minute.

First, I have a confession to make: Not counting Meet the Browns, I’ve seen every Tyler [...]

Tyler Perry: Hack. Drag Queen. Juggernaut.

I tried to sit through Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman last winter with my cousin; I almost bodied myself. Not content to let Steve Harris’s character simply be a dick, Perry made him an unfaithful husband who colluded with drug dealers to amass his fortune before literally tossing his loving, [...]