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We asked this before: does The Wire‘s central premise — that institutions are soulless, self-perpetuating and swallow up even the best intentions at reform — run contrary to support for Obama, whose running on a platform of systemic change?

David Simon (did y’all peep his cameo in the newsroom in the finale?), in an [...]

Blogging The Wire: "-30-" Season 5, Episode 10.

Our recap of the very last episode of HBO’s critically acclaimed drama, The Wire.

If The Wire‘s finale was all over the place and doing a little bit too much and a little too neat, it was pretty consistent with the entire final season, where points and details that used to be made [...]

Blogging the Wire: "Late Editions," Season 5, Episode 9.

This week’s PostBourgie recap of HBO’s incomparably dope drama ‘The Wire’ is being handled by Gene Demby, who works for a newspaper in New York City. SPOILERS!

Of our little troika here at PB, two of us are unabashed, hardcore Wire zealots.

But Stacia, a TV junkie and Baltimore native, remains a holdout. Recently, [...]

Dukie is a What Now?

A few times over the course of its run, The Wire has briefly shone its light on “A-rabs”, street peddlers who sell fruits and vegetables on carts pulled by horses and a fixture in Baltimore life.

Bubbles, during one of his many short-lived forays into sobriety and legality, is one of those peddlers. “You [...]

Blogging the Wire: "Clarifications," Season 5, Episode 8.

We’re hosting running, season-long discussion of the final 10 episodes of HBO’s incomparably dope drama, The Wire. Spoilers!

I know what y’all are thinking: how could they do this? How could Beadie Russell not win an Oscar for her work in Gone Baby Gone?

Oh. Did some other major event happen in the world [...]

Blogging The Wire: 'Took'

In previous seasons, McNulty and Freamon were the rebellious troublemakers who broke the rules to achieve a solution we generally all agreed was the right one, namely, catching bad guys. The whole show started with McNulty turning up the heat on his own department by getting a judge on his side and screwing over [...]

Random Thought: Can You Be an Obama Supporter and a Fan of 'The Wire'?

A question for Wire fans who are also Obama supporters: If you buy the the central theme of The Wire — that institutions will ruthlessly self-perpetuate and stymie even the best of intentions — then how does one ride for Barack Obama’s promises of changing the culture of Washington?

Blogging The Wire: "The Dickensian Aspect," Season 5, Episode 6.


Spiderman Omar, has come out of hiding to declare war on Marlo.