On Magical Black Homophobia.

Stories like this are part of a pattern.

There’s a telling line that pops up in trend stories — those oft-mocked pieces you see in the New York Times Style section about how there’s a groundswell of well-heeled Upper East Siders taking their pets to doggie yoga or something — that let’s you [...]

We Major.

PB’s own Jamelle Bouie was named one of the 100 top black influencers you should know by The Root:

As a writing fellow for the American Prospect and the Nation, Bouie analyzes all things politics — from Romney’s foreign policy stance to mass unemployment to whatPresident Barack Obama’s “bounce” in the polls really means. [...]

Picking at The Root. (Again.)

Okay, so we know we pick on The Root a lot around here. It’s not that it always sucks, just that it routinely offers up some real head-scratchers.

Por ejemplo. In today’s edition, Delece Smith-Barrow offers her rationale in deciding to go to a predominantly white university. Seems pretty innocuous, right? I mean, [...]