Short Cuts.

It’s a Friday in June. My homeboy told me about this one shop in the basement of an apartment building in Alexandria VA that’s supposed to be pretty good. It’s assumed that the only reason a woman, a black woman at that, cuts her hair is because of sickness or sorrow. I [...]

White Woman Wears Afro, Life Changes. Or Something.

There’s a white woman running around New York in a big black afro wig because she thinks it’s teaching her something about herself and the world and how she sees it and how it sees. She blogs about it sometimes on her website, Before and Afro. [...]

#15: The Beijing of America.

Immigration, both internally and internationally, has always played a huge role in the construction of whiteness in America — which groups eventually are folded into whiteness, and which are kept out. San Francisco's Chinatown was created and sustained in part by discriminatory housing policies similar to those that created America's ghettos.

Last week, [...]

Not Happy to be Nappy.

Below is a video made by a young woman who is not at all pleased with her natural hair experience.

Some quick thoughts:

-I think there’s a conversation to be had here about the way that natural hair product lines (particularly high priced ones) market their products. How often do you [...]