What If …

… Michael Vick was white?

Well, if we have to provide an answer, I suppose he’d look like Brian Austin Green and play like a slightly less effective but more dynamic blend of Steve Young and Fran Tarkenton.

But that’s not really the question worth asking. What I really want to know is what [...]

Michael Vick, Tucker Carlson and Dogwhistling

Of all the people who have weighed in on Tucker Carlson’s purposefully incendiary comments about Michael Vick, Princeton professor Melissa Harris-Perry has had perhaps the most interesting take on the controversy:

Visit msnbc.com for [...]

On Michael Vick, Punishment, and Loving Our (Convicted) Neighbors.

by Invisman52, who blogs over at countykids.blogspot.com.

This post is about Michael Vick and how his case provides occasion to talk about much larger issues than sports. I want to use as a point of departure because Vick gives me the opportunity to talk about so many issues at once: ethics, crime and [...]