Doing Antiracism Wrong, Ctd.

Emily Bazelon is also uneasy about the outing of racist teenage tweeters:

Scrolling through this collection, I’m so grossed out by the tweets that it’s hard to remember why I think this Tumblr is such a bad idea. OK, right: As my colleague Laura Anderson reminded me in an email thread, “I don’t think strangers [...]

Doing Antiracism Wrong At Jezebel.

racist tweet

Should Jezebel have contacted the schools of several students who tweeted racist things following Obama’s re-election? [...]

Hurting for Female Directors.

In graduate school, I had to attend a series of talks from magazine editors and one* of them, from Harper’s, faced a tough question from a friend of mine who asked a lot of tough questions of our guests. She read through the masthead’s list of all-male, mostly Anglo-sounding names and [...]

The 10 Sexiest Everyday Men of 2008.

Jezebel produces a ‘Sexiest’ list I can actually agree with. I’m down with 7/10 of their choices. And of course, they’ve got Barack* and pocket-sized Rahm Emmanuel, plus some other smart fellas.

What say you, ladies and gents?

*While I’m not feelin’ Barack the way Brokey McP is (link sorta-NSFW), I can see why [...]