Random Weekend Hotness: “Tom Ford” Choreo.

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 3.19.57 PM

Jay-Z’s “Tom Ford”, choreographed by fellow Hampton alum and Philly youngbol Rob Rich. Check it out:

Motes and Beams.

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And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? — Matthew 7:3

Last night, a woman cradled her abdomen and revealed the life growing there, as vibrant and as certain as the crimson of her [...]

Random Midday … Coldness?

The best thing about this song is that it didn’t make the final cut for Blueprint 3.

Jay-Z — Ghetto Techno.

By comparison, “Young Forever” might as well be “Lucifer.”

And to preempt the peanut gallery, I’m not hating on Hov as much as I’m pointing out that he’s dropped a disproportionate share of clunkers [...]

You Only Get Half a Post.

Sorry, Joel, but…

I mean, was Kingdom Come the worst major rap release of the aughts? No, because L.A.X. was the worst major rap release of the aughts. Is “Young Forever” the worst track ever rapped/sung/produced? No, but it’s somewhere in the bottom fifty, wedged between “Fast Lane” and a latter-day Canibus track.

But who [...]

Jigga, What?

Alyssa Rosenberg was kind enough to invite me to guest-blog this week over at her eponymously titled site. Because I’m interested in world domination, grateful for the opportunity and a glutton for punishment, I accepted her offer.

My first post just went up over there, where I attempt to digest and contextualize the disaster that [...]

Game Theory.

Maybe you have heard that rappers Jay-Z and The Game are involved in a dispute of sorts. Maybe you have heard that The Game said some rather unkind things about Jay-Z’s pop star wife, Beyonce. And maybe, over the years, you have grown weary of hearing about any and all hip-hop beefs.

But have [...]