One Last Note About the Dap.

The Obamas dapping each other up became the topic of much conversation, as people tried to figure out what it meant (including this Baltimore Sun story that happens to include PostBourgie’s first shout-out — no promo).

At first Ia little surprised at all the attention people paid to it. As Ta-Nehisi said, it’s one [...]

Ferraro and Race.

by hilzoy at Obsidian Wings. Cross-posted with permission.

Geraldine Ferraro wrote a horrible op-ed in the Boston Globe. She says a number of things about the effects of sexism on the Clinton campaign, which I do not propose to consider here. But she also claims that the concerns of Reagan Democrats have not [...]

Buggin' Out Over the 'Inadequate Black Male.'

To be fair, every Clinton supporter isn’t getting their Ferraro on right now. But this is the narrative that seems to have become the dominant one among Hillary Clinton supporters in the blogosphere: that she is being denied the nomination by elites in the Democratic party.

Those murmurs became all-out hysterical hollering (see above) [...]

The Nuclear Option.

Don’t let Hillary Clinton’s optimism following her West Virginia win fool you: she knows it’s over.

But do her supporters? If you’re riding for HRC, what you’re essentially hoping for is that the Democratic party elite install her as the nominee even though she trails by every conceivable metric. It’s a move that [...]

Jay Smooth's Election Fatigue.

Say word.

In the early, inchoate stages of PostBourgie’s existence, we used to do a lot more updating of the day-to-day goings-on in the presidential race. But, on the Democratic side, it’s been almost 16 months since Hillary Clinton formally began the presidential bid everyone expected since 1999 her conversation with America and just [...]

Judas Speaks.

Bill Richardson tells GQ why he broke with the Clintons to endorse Obama.


Like Joni Mitchell, Sinbad Never Lied.

Look what Sinbad started. That jolly spinner of irreverent yarns attended a trip overseas to Bosnia with then-First Lady Hillary Clinton (and Sheryl Crow) and challenged Clinton’s assertion that the trip was fraught with danger. This led to a surreal moment where a Clinton spokesperson went hard after Sinbad. We’re still reeling.

But well, [...]

The Pod People Have Stolen Chris Matthews.

Although, to be fair, this is consistent with his weird obsession with Hillary Clinton that compels him to knock her whenever he gets a chance. Also, bellowing.