I had a mostly unremarkable, short career in football—yet that was still more than enough time for the game to leave its mark, all over my body. I had been dealing with arthritis, joint stiffness, and backaches for years when a weight-room mishap drove me to an emergency clinic in the summer of 2010, when I was 32. Several follow-up appointments ended with me in an MRI machine and an appointment with a neurosurgeon.

Once the whistles were blown and men started thudding into one another again, Robert Griffin III summoned all of that magic and most everyone forgot about his head in favor of his arm and legs. It’s easy to forget about the men – and their heads – beneath all that armor. They are our conquering Read More

You guys know I don’t know anything about sports. It’s become something of a running joke among my blogmates. I think I’ve become more and more ignorant of sports as I’ve gotten older because I don’t have anyone around to force me to participate, and I wasn’t conditioned to care on my own. The only Read More

This month we’ll be reading The Blind Side by Michael Lewis. In an excerpt called “The Ballad of Big Mike,” Lewis tells the story of Michael Oher, an impoverished kid from Memphis who through a strange confluence of events ends up in the legal custody of a wealthy white family. At the time of his adoption Read More

Football season started … recently … right? And it seems everyone I know is in love with The Game. I’ve never gotten football. It’s interminable. It’s slow and boring most of the time, but, unlike baseball, it isn’t relaxing to watch. Unlike soccer, it isn’t particularly action-packed. Unlike rugby, folk aren’t getting their asses kicked Read More