…And Counting.

The Duggars are having their 19th child. I told two people at work about this, and both independently responded, “ew.”

I grew up in Arkansas, where the Duggars live, and have had my share of encounters with, shall we say, non-mainstream Christians. The Quiverfull movement is its own special brand of weird, but [...]

Irrefutable Feminist Truth # 1: Preserving Palin's Sexy.

I had a quibble with G.D.’s otherwise fantastic weekend round-up. Margaret Cho, who confessed her dirty dreams about a certain Republican vice-presidential nominee, wasn’t being sexist. In fact, if she had left out the last line, it could have been the most solidly feminist thing she could have done.

I understand the point, though [...]

Nina Burleigh: When Will Obama Apologize for O.J.?

Wow. We have no words right now.


The Amanda Marcotte Controversy: Race in the Feminist Blogosphere.

Amanda Marcotte.

BrownFemiPower is a well-respected, much-read blogger who took up the mantle of immigration as a feminist issue on the innanets.

Amanda Marcotte, another well-respected, much-read feminist blogger (who is no stranger to controversy) wrote an article for Alternet that some some people say borrowed liberally from an uncredited [...]

Fetching Dr. King's Coffee

I heard the most disturbing thing on the Tavis Smiley show a couple of weekends ago, during one of the many memorializations on the the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death. Dorothy Cotton, the educational director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and its highest-ranking woman, said during meetings the men, including [...]

PostBourgie and Intersectionality.

There seem to be two factions of commenters on this blog: the people who talk about race and the people who talk about gender/sexuality. There is frustratingly little overlap.

We’re not sure why that is. Is privilege as it pertains to gender and sexual identity not a ‘black’ issue? Is ‘black’ stuff too foreign for [...]

The Gender Speech That Won't Happen.

A few years ago, the parents of a childhood friend of mine were going through a divorce. Her dad had had an affair with a woman who worked at a bank, whom everyone knew, and everyone knew it. It had gone on for some time, and my Arkansas hometown is a small one. The [...]

What's a Former Sex Worker to do?



Ashley Alexander Dupre.

The question of whether or not prostitution should just be legalized turns on whether you believe the oldest profession is an inevitable part of human society, and whether you think the benefits of regulation (bringing the workers into a controlled [...]