Fun with Google Image Search: Steve Harvey Suits.

I was reminded of the ridiculous extraness of Steve Harvey’s suits today while workin on today’s post at SplackCent, which required me to google the phrase “Steve Harvey suit.” It’s quite a varied collection, with myriad colors and sizes to choose from.


Available Colors:

Humpday Hate: Fur Coats.

Model is wearing 100% squirrel ass.

This is dedicated to the 20-something I saw walking down the street in a fur coat and a pair of Converses two days ago. Why do people still wear these?

Note: this has nothing to do with animal rights, though not killing animals to make fur coats is [...]

A Hirsute Situation.

Latoya at Racialicious has a great post up about transitioning to nappy hair, which was inspired another good natural hair post by Tami.

December 26th will be six months since I did the “big chop” (I was too impatient to grow out the relaxed hair) and I found myself relating to Latoya’s post, even [...]

For Those Of You Who Care About Such Frivolous Things: Barack Edition.

WWD collected Inauguration designs from top labels for Meesh first, and now they’ve got some rather… yummy… looks for Barack.

My favorites are the really classic tuxedo looks*, including this one from Brooks Brothers.


For those of you who care about such frivolous things.

WWD asks designers what Michelle Obama should wear to the inauguration ball.

Brigitte at Make Fetch Happen rates the sketches and varying incarnations of Michelle and gives a pretty hilarious (and blistering) commentary. Regarding a rather unfortunate Badgley Mischka creation, she writes:

This Badgley Mishka dress seems like something that the 90s spit out. [...]