Dee Rees‘s Pariah and Goran Olsson‘s The Black Power Mixtape deal with the Black experience in America,  but very differently — after all, we are not a monolith. The first, is about a young black lesbian coming to terms with her sexuality in the heart of Brooklyn. Movie treatment of queer issues are usually reserved Read More

So that high-yellow motherfucker Adam Serwer, a fantastic blogger and good friend, is getting his own bloggy digs over at The American Prospect. To which we say: congrats. This is a good look, and he deserves it. But. This dude is dead wrong on one of the most important issues of our day: the relative Read More

Let it be said that Badu can do no wrong in my eyes. She is my spirit guide. Let it also be said that I love this video. It’s over the top, sure, and a little corny, but so is Erykah. I mean, she has a 10-minute song that takes me through every single emotion Read More

Did you miss us? Of course you did. PostBourgie: The Podcast, Episode 3: “Civics Class is a Year-Long ‘America, F#@K YEAH!’” Monica, blackink, Jamelle and I discuss Obama’s interminable bipartisan healthcare summit, the race-based fearmongering from anti-choicers, and the David Paterson bombshell (note, we recorded this before he dropped out of the governor’s race). Apologies Read More

“What if there were no niggas, only master teachers?” Bilal and Georgia Anne Muldrow co-croon on the eighth track of Erykah Badu’s lastest disc, New Amerykah. Their reply to one another: “I’d stay ‘woke.” They go on asking the same question and offering the same answer for the first two minutes of the song, before Read More