Granny, Don't!

Ralph Nader — activist, flamethrower and depending on whom you ask, the guy who cost Al Gore the White House in 2000 — is mulling yet another White House bid. No, for real.

He has harsh words for the leading Democratic candidates, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama, chastising them for failing [...]

We're Just Waiting for the Slam Books to Come Out.

No Chitchat Between Clinton and Obama

Laurie Kellerman, Associated Press

WASHINGTON — So close, yet so far away — and so bitter.

Rival Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama came within a foot of each other just before President Bush’s State of the Union speech Monday night and managed not to acknowledge each [...]

Melissa Harris-Lacewell: "Bill Clinton Got Y'all Confused."

Melissa Harris-Lacewell, the Princeton professor who wrote that Slate piece that aimed to rally Negroes around Obama like Thundercats, penned another piece for the online magazine, this time asserting that black folks were mistaken about their good fortunes during the Clinton administration. The stat she uses for this is, well, weird.


(That's code for 'Because I'm A White Guy')

In the storm of even-less-concealed-than-usual animosity that was last night’s CNN Democratic presidential debate, John Edwards seemed determined to play the role of calm, expensively-coiffured port. His tsk-tsking, goody two-shoes though it may have been, reflected what a lot of us were thinking. John Edwards wanted his competitors to stop bickering and start [...]

Testing For the Bradley Effect.

The Obama campaign is quietly looking for ways to racist attitudes among voters going forward.


Looking Back: HRC's 1969 Wellesley Speech

Nearly forty years ago when she was an overachieving college senior at Wellesley College, Hillary Rodham was chosen to give a speech at her commencement, the first time a Wellelesley student had ever done so. She garnered considerable press attention for criticizing Senator Edward Brooke, who’d spoken just before she did (interestingly, Brooke was [...]

Every Vote (Possibly) Counts (Maybe).

Proponents of Indiana’s voter I.D. law say it will help prevent voter fraud. But Jeffrey Toobin blasts the motivations for the law in this week’s New Yorker.


Let Us Dare to Imagine A World…Without Election Polling.

With Bill Richardson bowing out, Dennis Kucinich is the only second-tier Democratic candidate still alive (unless you count crazy-ass Mike Gravel, which I don’t).

Richardson polled in double digits for a little while back in Iowa, but that didn’t last too long. We already know how wrong polling can be, but did polling poorly [...]