Via TNC, Denzel says of the ladies who come to watch August Wilson’s Fences: “There are all these women coming to see me, to see this actor they like, and I appreciate that,” he said. “But at some shows, women are carrying on and snickering too much. Like at our Mother’s Day performance. Some audience Read More

First things first: The Book of Eli is about religion. More specifically, The Book of Eli is about Christian religion. So those unnamed people Roger Ebert says are “attacking” it as “fundamentalist propaganda” kind of have a point. Like Ebert, I won’t tell you what the film’s titular book is: but Eli (Denzel Washington) starts Read More

I’m going to get pilloried for this, but there aren’t many actors who annoy me more than Angela Bassett. Her default setting is Righteous Indignation, and she rarely, if ever, deviates from it. Her performances are always so self-serious and joyless. Just watching this trailer — what are the chances that this movie is good, Read More

I remember it well, the year the Academy Awards got too Black for comfort. Some might say it was 2002, the landmark year that Whoopi Goldberg hosted, Denzel finally won his long-deserved Best Actor statuette (for Training Day), Halle Berry became the first black Best Actress for Monster’s Ball, Will Smith was nominated for Ali, Read More