Everybody wanna talk about class and privilege, it seems. This list was originally a staff development exercise on class privilege at Indiana State, and as anyone who ever did the ‘privilege walk’ in a women’s studies or sociology class remembers, some of the responses are comically loaded with denials of privilege. My family owned 2 Read More

On The Blogger’s Roundtable on NPR’s News and Notes, Lauren Williams of Stereohyped, Jozen Cummings of King, and Desmond Burton of Afronerd, discussed the controversial police shooting of unarmed woman 26-year-old named Tarika Wilson and her 1-year-old child in Lima, Ohio. But, well, okay. We’ll let you read. Burton: … In looking at that story, Read More

In its attempts to meet its recruitment goals during an unpopular war, the U.S. Army has trimmed its recruitment goals to attract prospective soldiers. No big whoop, right? Well, according to Slate‘s Fred Kaplan, quoting a study by the National Priorities Project, the Army is increasingly turning to kids without high school diplomas — and Read More

New York City’s record low murder rate in 2007 should help bolster its rep as the safest big city in the country — something that would have been imaginable in 1990, when the city caught over 2,200 (!) bodies. Chris Mitchell of New York magazine poses a provocative theoretical question: what would it take to Read More