Other Stuff White People Like? $300,000 Book Deals.

SWPL’s Landler, from Heeb.

Christian Lander, the guy behind Stuff White People Like, recently got a $300,000 book deal from Random House. The book is due out in August.

We’re not sure what that means, really. Just throwing it out there.

Bubba Chuck, Folk Hero.

It seemed so long ago when Allen Iverson came from the South to save my racially polarized hometown from basketball ruin. But how could this barely six foot, barely 165-pound phenom be entrusted with such responsibility? He was racial polarization incarnate. At 17, he was involved in a brawl in a bowling alley that [...]

Who is 'Rich', Anyway?

We have a rough (if slightly problematic) idea of what is generally used to define poverty for statistical purposes.

Sociologists tend to define the middle class largely in terms of rough lifestyle — access to credit, property ownership, higher education (or the realistic expectation of it), savings accounts, etc.

But, off the top of [...]

Why We're Glad Brett Favre is Done.

I was at work when a friend told me that Brett Favre was retiring. My first instinct when someone drops a sports-related bombshell on me is to dart over to ESPN. Not this time.

“Great,” I responded. “Now I have to stay away from ESPN for a day or so.”

But a day was [...]

What Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Arguments Avoid.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and its lesser-known cousin, Doe v. Bolton (both were pseudonyms, lest you think it’s crazy that two women named Doe and Roe were at the Supreme Court at the same time.)

The arguments on whether or not abortion should be legal have taken a [...]

Uh Oh. StuffEducatedBlackPeopleLike.Com.

Discussions of class differences among black people invariably become about how the educated and privileged are morally upstanding and how those who aren’t flawed and embarassing. Even when it’s toungue-in-cheek.

So if we were ambivalent about StuffWhitePeopleLike, we’re positively cringing at this site.

UPDATE: We’re not alone. Racialicious‘s Latoya Peterson noted the weirdness in [...]

Playing at Poverty.

Barbara Ehrenreich penned an influential and oft-cited 2001 book called Nickel and Dimed, in which she decides to shed some of the privileges of her middle class life (author, college professor, etc.) to see if it was really possible to live in the U.S. on the minimum wage. Her experiment went on for a [...]

And Brown Makes Five.

Brown University is following the lead of academic powerhouses Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Stanford in ending tuition for middle income and poor students. They also intend to place student loans with grants so those same students aren’t saddled with so much debt. The cost of tuition and room and board at Brown for the [...]