White People Have Gotten Less Crazy.

(Cross-posted from TAPPED) Chris Rock puts our “progress” as a country into proper perspective. Via Sociological Images

‘Good Hair’ on C.P. Time.

Balloon Juice points to ellaesther, who finally got a chance to peep Chris Rock‘s documentary Good Hair, and left the experience pretty disheartened.

It was like watching beautiful women talk about their lifetime of dieting, their tricks for dressing to look thinner, their methods for cutting calories during the holidays, smiling broadly [...]

Steve Harvey and Me, Crisis Counselors.

If you missed – intentionally or not – ABC News’ Nightline special “Face-Off: Why Can’t a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?” consider yourself lucky.

Because I can’t get those 30 minutes of my life back.

The title of the program itself should have been a clue to stay away. If that wasn’t enough, [...]

"Creamy Crack," Huh?

Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair, is set to open in limited release this September, but buzz has been high since the film debuted at Sundance in January. Good Hair promises a candid look at African Americans’ self-perception, particularly as it relates to our age-old preoccupation with hair texture.

Black hair has been examined, ad [...]

Quote of the Day.

“[Bill Clinton's] wife was running for president. If you give me a choice of pissing off a whole race of people or my wife, I’m sorry, I gotta piss off a whole race of people. Sorry blackies! Go eat some chicken! … Right Larry? You’ve been married twelve times, right?” — Chris Rock [...]

The Oscars: Is the "Black Audit" Over?

I remember it well, the year the Academy Awards got too Black for comfort. Some might say it was 2002, the landmark year that Whoopi Goldberg hosted, Denzel finally won his long-deserved Best Actor statuette (for Training Day), Halle Berry became the first black Best Actress for Monster’s Ball, Will Smith was nominated for [...]