The Obamas dapping each other up became the topic of much conversation, as people tried to figure out what it meant (including this Baltimore Sun story that happens to include PostBourgie’s first shout-out — no promo). At first Ia little surprised at all the attention people paid to it. As Ta-Nehisi said, it’s one of Read More

Bill Clinton has always been an impulsive man who is quick to anger and kept questionable company. But he’s managed to skate by and avoid any real consequences for his considerable shortcomings because he’s always been charismatic and really, really good at what he does. So, of course, Todd Purdum’s much-anticipated profile of Bill Clinton Read More

We like to think of Christopher Hitchens as our surly, crotchety uncle. You know, if our uncle were a chain-smoking, ruddy-faced Englishman with a penchant for hyperbole and who was constitutionally incapable of being nice. In Crusty Uncle Chris’s latest diatribe, he argues that no one should be surprised at Bill Clinton’s playing the race Read More

Melissa Harris-Lacewell, the Princeton professor who wrote that Slate piece that aimed to rally Negroes around Obama like Thundercats, penned another piece for the online magazine, this time asserting that black folks were mistaken about their good fortunes during the Clinton administration. The stat she uses for this is, well, weird.