Your Random-Ass Roundup: The Petraeus Affair Now Involves Olivia Pope. (Seriously.)


Congratulations, America: this Petraeus mess has now officially morphed into an episode of Scandal. [...]

Your Random-Ass Roundup: The Wait on Their Shoulders.

For lots of poor and working-class people, voting is a choice between casting a ballot or getting a day’s pay for work. [...]

Making a List of Oscar Nominees of Color Isn't as Easy As You'd Think.


I was thinking about Stacia’s post on the “Black Audit” of the Oscars. I’ve tried to make a list to count how nominations for Oscar went to African-Americans (I keep losing count at around forty).

Dave Chapelle once joked that incontrovertible proof of the entertainment industry’s back-asswardness on race could be [...]