Tender-headed schools can’t ban cornrows

A London school’s ban on cornrows was ruled “unlawful, indirect racial discrimination which is not justified.” School cited hairstyle promoted “gang” culture…if by “gang” they meant the members of the African Diaspora, I guess they’d be right.

Represent your set.

Humpday Hate: Alicia Keys.

Via Gawker’s American Idol recap, we get this hilarious aside on the R&B songstress:

Can we talk for a second about Alicia Keys? I know you’re on your lunch hour and you don’t have that much time, but I’d really like to talk to you about Alicia Keys. Why? That’s my big [...]

*Smacks Head*

Alicia Keys thinks Biggie and Tupac were killed to ‘keep another great black leader from emerging.’

No, for real.