In his inaugural column for the Times, Ross Douthat argues that Cheney should have run for president so that America could have had a stouter debate on torture during the campaign.  McCain couldn’t hold the pro-torture platform because he didn’t agree with the Bush/Cheney stand, and so the Bush/Cheney stand and the viability of their Read More

The New Yorker has, I assume for a limited time, put on its website a 2004 profile of a young African-American running to represent Illinois in the United States Senate.* I can’t imagine it was more fun to read then than now. Among the highlights: the prescient sentiment of all who had met him that Read More

by hilzoy at Obsidian Wings. Cross-posted with permission. Geraldine Ferraro wrote a horrible op-ed in the Boston Globe. She says a number of things about the effects of sexism on the Clinton campaign, which I do not propose to consider here. But she also claims that the concerns of Reagan Democrats have not been heard: Read More

By M. Leblanc over at Bitch. Ph.D. Cross-posted with permission. By now, everyone’s already blogged about this horrible op-ed in the Boston Globe by Geraldine Ferraro (see, for example, Jill at Feministe, Ta-Nehisi at Matthew Yglesias, and Megan Carpentier at Jezebel). Most have zeroed in on the most ridiculous sentence in the piece, where she Read More

To be fair, every Clinton supporter isn’t getting their Ferraro on right now. But this is the narrative that seems to have become the dominant one among Hillary Clinton supporters in the blogosphere: that she is being denied the nomination by elites in the Democratic party. Those murmurs became all-out hysterical hollering (see above) after Read More

I’ve been meaning to shout-out last month’s Esquire for the cover story that perfectly encapsulates my feelings about the Obama campaign (cynicism via wounded idealism). But also, check out the riveting and troubling profile of John Yoo by John H. Richardson. Yoo notoriously wrote the Bush administration’s torture memos, which put in play any interrogation Read More

Don’t let Hillary Clinton’s optimism following her West Virginia win fool you: she knows it’s over. But do her supporters? If you’re riding for HRC, what you’re essentially hoping for is that the Democratic party elite install her as the nominee even though she trails by every conceivable metric. It’s a move that would be Read More

Say word. In the early, inchoate stages of PostBourgie’s existence, we used to do a lot more updating of the day-to-day goings-on in the presidential race. But, on the Democratic side, it’s been almost 16 months since Hillary Clinton formally began the presidential bid everyone expected since 1999 her conversation with America and just 15 Read More