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If you enjoyed The Wire, underground jazz and funk musicians  (are there any other kind?), or mocking journalists who badly misidentify black celebrities, then you lost a friend and cohort in David Mills. Mills, a one-time Washington Post music critic who went on to an Emmy-winning career as a TV writer and producer, died Tuesday Read More

I came home from a day of motherhood prep to find that one of my literary foremothers has passed away. Frequent visitors to this blog may know how connected I feel to Lucille Clifton. I loved her. And it feels like one of my own relatives has left this realm. I hope her spirit is Read More

In the early aughts, I was deep in a trough of   profound, soul-crushing brokeness that seemed to stretch on forever. I had a terrible job and no money, and I’d spend a lot of my free time in the Barnes and Noble in downtown Brooklyn reading books I couldn’t afford to purchase. It was Read More