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For some reason, Regis Philbin decides to get all presumptuous and grabby with Nicki Minaj. Is this functionally any different than dudes who put their hands on women during Derby weekend or Caribana or whatever else? UPDATE: Monica has more. This also, of course, belies a misunderstanding among Americans of what racism and sexism look Read More

More outrageous than a swimsuit model-turned-TV sports reporter wearing tight jeans, or the boys-will-be-boys defense that has prevailed in recent days, or disingenuous conversations about fashion choices, are the numbers. Or rather, the absence of the numbers. I’m talking about estimates showing that only 5 to 15 percent of women who are sexually harassed in Read More

At Colorlines (which has become one of my go-to sources for news, and it should be one of yours), Jamilah King posts about the backlash to this picture of two young men. She quotes Rod 2.0, who writes: The image was snapped of two young men apparently on Atlanta’s MARTA and the Twitpic is entitled Read More

Joel Johnson at Gizmodo decides to “stalk” a black girl on Twitter: I realized most of my Twitter friends are like me: white dorks. So I picked out my new friend and started to pay attention. She’s a Christian, but isn’t afraid of sex. She seems to have some problems trusting men, but she’s not Read More

I wrote a post for Ta-Nehisi earlier this week that got a lot of discussion and was even picked up by Andrew Sullivan. I’m excited about it not just because my name was all over the innanets for a day, but because it drew attention to something that people don’t talk about widely enough: street Read More

Maureen Dowd writes about boys “drafting” girls. A group of soon-to-be freshmen boys at Landon, an elite private grade school and high school for boys in the wealthy Washington suburb of Montgomery County, Md., was drafting local girls. One team was called “The Southside Slampigs,” and one boy dubbed his team with crude street slang Read More

[cross-posted from TAPPED] It’s hard not to see sexism in this obsession over Elana Kagan‘s sexuality. The White House has denied that Kagan is gay, but that’s not enough to counteract persistent rumors, perpetuated by those like Andrew Sullivan who believe that the role of bloggers is not to participate in traditional forms of reporting Read More

Over at Salon’s Broadsheet, Sara Libby – a Friend of the Blog — takes a critical look at the whiteness and maleness of the new pundit class: What bothered me about Calderone’s ranting wasn’t so much whether any of these young men deserved to break into these famously stodgy, old-school institutions — I find all their Read More

If you think about it, it was bound to happen eventually. Thanks to the wonder that is the internet there is finally a solution to a seemingly intractable dilemma: should you a) immerse yourself in hardcore online gaming  or b) have a sex life? Now thanks to GameCrush, a newly launched social site you can Read More

A good rule to follow if you want to avoid getting caught out there having said shit that you haven’t much considered is to keep quiet on those things. Like how someone who is a newbie to football should probably refrain from offering up an opinion on revamping the 3-4. So it takes a special Read More

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