Your Midweek Random-Ass Roundup: Real Unprofessional.

When I’m this late with the roundup , there’s no need in being snarky or cute about it. Hope y’all enjoy the links:

1. Argh, I’m in DC so I missed what was probably the best NYCity’s Pride parade, which I am sure was a hell of a party since same-sex marriage was legalized [...]

Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup: Got Jokes?

What should we make of the people who laughed at any of Reggie Brown’s unfortunate comedic stylings, let alone the part of his hackneyed set that included jokes about Black History Month and Stanley Ann Dunham not being one of the Kardashians?

I’m guessing the Republican Leadership Conference didn’t want to pay extra for [...]

Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup: The Schadenfreude State.

As it happens, one of the few men in Ohio with an approval rating that rivals LeBron James‘, celebrated the end of the NBA Finals by declaring the Dallas Mavericks “honorary Ohioans.”

But instead of feting honorary Ohioans, seems like Gov. John Kasich would be better off concerning himself with real Ohioans.

You know, [...]

Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup: Exposed Weiner.

If you already find yourself weary of news about Rep. Anthony Weiner and his infamous weiner, Greg Sargent warns us that the circus is just getting started. This is obviously much worse news for him and his wife than it is for us.

Beyond Weiner’s self-inflicted political damage, Amanda Marcotte raises a point that also [...]

Your Midweek Random-Ass Roundup: Feel the Heat.

Since the hot political news of the moment involves a penis and a Palin, I feel safe leading off with this important, late-breaking and developing news story from South Florida:

That is all.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend:

1. The people trying to argue fetuses are people are arguing for outlawing abortion in cases [...]

Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup: Black Monday.

Black people are off to a rough start this week.

As you’ll read in the links to come, Don Lemon offhandedly suggested that black people excel at homophobia – as opposed to math or generosity or pole vaulting, a leading GOP presidential candidate casually floated the idea of resurrecting literacy tests for voters, and science [...]

Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup: Winning?

Or something like that.

Now let’s all learn together:

1. Hunting for bin Laden, by the numbers. (G.D.)

2. India’s home secretary has taken this opportunity to say Pakistan is a sanctuary for terrorists. I’m sure that’s excellent for India-Pakistan relations. Speaking of Pakistan, The New Yorker called it “the A.I.G. of nation-states.” (Nicole)


Your Mid-Week Random-Ass Roundup: Pre-Birthers.

President Obama produced his papers. Donald Trump now wants to review his college records.

And of course, some folks will never accept that Obama is our nation’s legitimate president.

Which makes sense: If Hawaii had been part of Real America in 1961, there’s no way they would have allowed all of that race-mixin’.

But [...]