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On this week’s podcast, Nicole, Jamelle, Monica and G.D. sit around an actual dinner table to discuss some depressing new stats about the academic woes of black boys. They also try to make sense of some high-profile attempts to regulate food purchases (including a push to forbade people on government assistance from buying soda, a Read More

The USDA’s Economic Research Service put out its latest figures for food insecurity hunger in the U.S. yesterday.  From the press release: In more than a third of those households that reported difficulty in providing enough food, at least one member did not get enough to eat at some time during the year and normal Read More

Liberals have always had a hard time dealing with fatherhood and family programs designed for low-income families. On the one hand, some of the arguments behind the creation of programs for low-income families that demonstrate healthy relationships and encourage fathers to be emotionally involved in their children’s lives is a good thing on its face: Read More

Crossposted from SOH. Kristina Rizga at Mother Jones writes about a new report that concludes that middle class black boys still perform worse than their white counterparts, and that “race still matters,” even for the nonpoor. According to the study: […]black boys face more obstacles to graduating high school than any other subgroup, from living Read More

The New York Times ran a story a few days back on the resurgence of academic consideration of culture in discussions of poverty. In short: arguments about cultural explanations of poverty became taboo over the last few decades because many of them were seen as victim-blaming and racist. But that wariness is dissipating. Here’s Monica‘s Read More

Maybe my standards are low (actually, they probably are), but this interview Amanda Hess did with Justin Goforth, community health director at the Whitman Walker Clinic, kind of blew my mind with its humanization of young gay black men: For a sexual health provider like the Whitman-Walker clinic, getting HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment to black, Read More

Coming in on the tail end of a meme is always interesting. Sometimes it’s just as hilarious as everyone who was on it from the beginning said it was. Sometimes it’s not hilarious, and rather, just pretty effed up. Case in point: Antoine Dodson, also known as the “Bed Intruder” dude. I was vaguely aware Read More

PostBourgie: The Podcast #8: N-word, Please! In this week’s podcast, Monica, Joel and Jamelle discuss the way people misunderstand culture and poverty, “emerging adulthood,” and Dr. Laura’s hilarisad use of the n-word on her radio show. Key Links: A Daily Dish reader blames the disparate life outcomes between blacks and whites on a dysfunctional culture, Read More

Cross-posted from TAPPED During a House hearing on the Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act yesterday, Rep. Yvette D. Clarke noted how all of these programs to encourage healthy eating and increased physical activity to fight childhood obesity ignore the simple problem many children have, especially in cities: No safe places to play. While it Read More

Report: Growing Ranks Of Nouveau Poor Facing Discrimination From Old Poor h/t Josie Raymond.

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