Loving (And Side-Eyeing) Your Alma Mater.

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A lot of Jason Whitlock’s writing has a similar tic: even when he’s in the vicinity of right about some idea, he torpedoes that argument by turning it into a critique of the putative cultural deficiencies of Negroes. Take this essay, in which he looks at the financial troubles besetting Grambling [...]

Homecoming Season Is Over.

This is what you do to prepare for homecoming: Get your hair done. Get your nails done. Shop for clothes. You arrange your hotel room near campus. What you don’t do, however, is plan to see a dead body. [...]

The Halcyon Days of Jim Crow, Ctd.

Students at the Agricultural and Industrial State Normal School (now Tennessee State University) in 1909.

In a post about some dope-looking charts made by W.E.B. Dubois for the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris on the state of black life in America at the time, Adam offers up this aside:

But you can get [...]

Black Fraternities, Sororities, and Violent Hazing: Lots of Causes, Few Solutions.

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The New York Times reports on the stories of two young women—one in California, and one in New Jersey—who were violently hazed by members of their college chapters of Sigma Gamma Rho, a historically black sorority, during the pledging process:

At Rutgers, six members of Sigma Gamma Rho were [...]

Slipping Through the Cracks.

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Last week, Arne Duncan met with leaders and faculty from HBCUs to touted the financial support the White House had thrown behind black colleges, but also to press them to improve their graduation rates, which lag behind those of non-HBCUs (a disparity that is particularly [...]

What Not To Wear: Morehouse Edition.

The new Morehouse College dress code — or rather, attire policy, since a dress code tells people what to wear, not what not to wear — includes the following provisions, according to Kay Steiger at Campus Progress:

• Caps, do-rags and hoods are banned in classrooms, the cafeteria and other indoor venues. Do-rags may [...]

Sundry Thoughts On Michael Steele at Howard.

1. They couldn’t fill Cramton Auditorium?

2. Apparently, when Michael Steele isn’t being a buffoon talking about “bling,” and hip-hop republicanism, he is the most boring speaker in the world.

3. Shoutout to The Hilltop!

4. Why is it that protesters who are yelling in favor of health care reform are being rude and [...]

The Halcyon Days of Jim Crow.

Danielle Belton threw up a head-scratcher of a post earlier this week, in which she argued mostly by way of dubious assertion that integration came at great social cost to Black America, and to HBCUs in particular.

[This] was the crux of a discussion two older black men had with me years [...]