White People Problems.

My blogmate Monica has been banging this drum for a minute, but John Sides looks at some new research that contradicts a bunch of the ideas about the voting habits of working class whites. Sides finds that the white working class is hardly a monolith, and says that studies show that they’re less motivated by [...]

Humpday Hate: Dearly Beloved, You Are *Such* Assholes.

It is not odd or foreign to be able to appreciate the beauty in sad things—the carcass of a rose bathed in moonlight on the pavement. A final goodbye between old lovers. The ever-present hunger of homelessness.

Wait, what?


On Being a Good Neighbor.

14th and Kenyon, Columbia Heights, DC. (via IntangibleArts, CC 2.0.)

DCentric, a blog from DC’s local NPR affiliate covering race and class posted a piece several days ago called “Five Ways to be a Good Gentrifier.”

Are you a middle or high-income earner, who is probably white (but not necessarily!) and [...]

The Invisible Gentrified.

Postbourgie’s own Shani Hilton has a much-discussed cover story in the Washington City Paper about being a black gentrifier.

Freddie at L’Hote has some criticism:

This is a several-thousand word article on the relationship between race and socioeconomic class, and about the tensions between old and new residents and poor and rich [...]

Winning, Losing and Uncle Toms.

It should come as no surprise that Jalen Rose was capable of getting under the skin of longtime rival Grant Hill, especially after he admitted in ESPN’s highly-rated “Fab 5″ documentary that he was “a student of trash talk.”

No, the surprise is that the 38-year-old Hill fell for the bait set out for [...]

Way Down In the Hole.

In a dozen states, felons leave prison saddled with thousands of dollars in debt from child-support payments that continued to accrue while they were behind bars, and that they’ll likely never be able to pay. [...]


Most people know Jasper, TX, as the town where a black man named James Byrd was tied to a pickup truck and dragged to his death by three white men in 1998. The photography of Alonzo Jordan, who was something of a local institution, captures the quieter, happier moments of [...]

Money x Money = Problems x Problems

Flickr / Garrett Crawford

A recent (well, maybe not in internet years) episode of Planet Money returned to Haiti, where they’ve been doing a lot of reporting on the economics of the country post-earthquake and investigating how much NGOs are hurting or helping the recovery there.

In a previous podcast, they had visited a [...]