Naima "Nai" Ramos-Chapman is the Associate Editor at Campus Progress, a dancer with Taurus Broadhurst Dance in D.C., and an aspiring visual artist (she doodles). Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Naimaramchap.

Not quite new, not quite old but perfect ish to listen to on a rainy day in BK. Sample this track dubbed “Greene Ave. Anthem”…rode my bike down that ave all summer…and like the street, the beat ain’t bad to ride to, neither. For more info on these beatmakers, cop a taste of Brooklyn’s Finest Read More

Crossposted from ColorLines. A job deferred is a dream deferred. The Great Recession has set youth unemployment rates skyrocketing to unprecedented altitudes, leaving 4.4 million young people without work just as we begin our careers—a stunning share of them African Americans. There are of course immediate consequences—wrestling with college loans, overstaying our welcome at our Read More

Found this on a late night crawl on the web, via The Smoking Section. Even if it’s a few weeks old, joint is still krispy.

Excerpts from Matt Lauer’s interview with former president George W. Bush Jr. were released Tuesday night…yea it’s Friday but couldn’t resist ranting about what Bush considered the “worst moment” in his presidency. Nope, it wasn’t that he lied to the American public about WMD’s being in Iraq, ran our economy into the ground, gave overly Read More

VOTE TODAY. POLLS OPEN FROM 6AM- 9PM. TO FIND POLL SITE IN NYC GO HERE!! just Google board of elections if you live somewhere else homie… If you thought Obama wasn’t bringing about change fast enough the wheels will not just churn slower if the GOP makes gains this year, but they will most definitely Read More

The sevensome at Hofstra University left little wiggle room for angry (he prefers “passionate” now) Republican candidate Carl Paladino and drier than uncooked rice Democrat Andrew Cuomo to let sparks fly between the two, but some of the other candidates on board–like Rent Is Too Damn High’s Jimmy McMillan and former madame Kristin Davis who Read More

Love me some Sesame Street, I used to watch this show faithfully perched on the edge of my mom’s bed with the TV screen just inches from my face; probably why I have hawk like vision but can’t read for more than an hour at a time without my glasses. My favorite doll from childhood Read More

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