A shooting at a city council meeting in Kirkwood, Missouri made national headlines this week. The story, as published in major outlets, goes like this: on Thursday evening, Charles “Cookie” Thornton walked into the just-convened meeting with a gun in each hand and opened fire. Within minutes, he’d killed five people and shot the mayor Read More

In the storm of even-less-concealed-than-usual animosity that was last night’s CNN Democratic presidential debate, John Edwards seemed determined to play the role of calm, expensively-coiffured port. His tsk-tsking, goody two-shoes though it may have been, reflected what a lot of us were thinking. John Edwards wanted his competitors to stop bickering and start addressing some Read More

We know where they stand on energy, economy, and the war. John McCain’s favorite foods are shrimp and pepperoni and onion pizza, Barack Obama (still) loves “The Wire”, and yes, Hillary Clinton does know how to text message her daughter (thanks for clearing that up, Tyra). From stump speeches to televised debates, however, the candidates’ Read More