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Because regardless of how many black men are on Joe’s family tree (the violence of the metaphor is telling), Joe has lived his life as a blue-eyed, blond-haired white man. And, he will continue to live his life as such.

Last night, I quickly pondered watching the American Music Awards rather than Real Housewives of Atlanta, but then I realized that Kenya’s estrogen-drunk antics are more riveting than the award show and I turned. And what luck! Last night we were introduced to Porsha, the newest housewife, got another glimpse of Sweetie in her Juneteenth wig, and got a chance to run to the kitchen for snacks during Kim’s segment.

Uh, sure? Hard to believe that this kind of behaviour still exists. America, you need to do something about your racists. hellothereracists.tumblr.com — Matt Gemmell (@mattgemmell) November 15, 2012   In all seriousness, I find it both adorable and baffling when white people discover the reality of racial prejudice. Adorable, because, c’mon—it’s not hard to Read More

Friend of the Blog Veronica Marché-Miller sends us this greeting card she came across in her drugstore. Sometimes you want to tell your little space pharoah just how special he is before the ascension to bare-chested cosmic godhood — they really do grow up so fast! — but you just don’t have the words. [Previously: Read More

Emily Bazelon is also uneasy about the outing of racist teenage tweeters: Scrolling through this collection, I’m so grossed out by the tweets that it’s hard to remember why I think this Tumblr is such a bad idea. OK, right: As my colleague Laura Anderson reminded me in an email thread, “I don’t think strangers Read More