Your Random-Ass Roundup: Mia Love’s Racial High-Wire Act.


While Mia Love’s victory would be a milestone, her candidacy encapsulates a lot of the practical and ideological obstacles the GOP faces in becoming less white. [...]

More Blackface Christmas Fun.

Sandy has essentially pre-empted Blackface Christmas here on the East Coast, but folks elsewhere are not going to let October pass without a little fun, benign racism.

PB play-cousin Cindy Mosqueda [...]

There’s a Storm on the Way.

It’s already pretty windy here in BK, although Sandy’s not supposed to hit us until this afternoon. My roommate Decker said he was mulling going down to the Brooklyn Bridge to take pictures. But it’s looking bad out there. Our apartment is about a mile away from an evacuation zone near the East River, which [...]

Blogging ‘Scandal’, Season 2, Ep. 4: ‘Beltway Unbuckled.’


In the opening scene of last week’s Scandal, the President of the United States is sleeping on a couch. Why is he sleeping on the couch? Presumably because it’s a universally understood shorthand for marital discord, even though the White House residence has other beds in it. Nine other bedrooms in fact, [...]

T.R.O.Y., Natina Reed.

Wow. Natina Reed of the short-lived 90′s girl group, Blaque, is dead at 32, according to reports.

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Blaque was probably best known for “808,” a song and video that reach a Platonic level of 1999-nesss.

May she rest in peace.


Cliff Huxtable and Martin Bond Over Denise’s Vagina.


Eat Dessert, Lose Weight! * Hot New Product

The Rise of ‘The Rise Of Black Nerds.’


Are you black? Have you read a comic book or worn a bowtie? You’re special. Here’s a cookie. [...]

How to Be a Woman.